Case Studies. A handful of work! Here are Hyperactive Media we work on a variety of web based applications and web site implementations. Ranging from database driven websites, such as product databases, online stores, customer management systems and custom CMS builds. Here we showcase a selction of our work including our Booking Manager and News Manager applications which can intergrate seamlessly into your current website.

Aussie Air Conditioning Rentals (AACR) approached Hyperactive Media with a problem; they just cannot get their website to come up in the top pages of Google. We took the current website and performed a complete overhaul to optimise the website for search. Our SEO treatments managed to get Aussie Air Conditioning Rentals onto the first page of Google search and within the top 3 results for their chosen keyword set.

Searching for Air Conditioning Rentals in Australia puts the AACR website in the number two position, a result we were able to achieve via specialised Search Engine Optimisation techniques.